Planning is Key to a GREAT Trip

I’ve wanted to go to Europe for a while now.  It all began when I was little and “Beauty and the Beast.”  That movie started what would be come an obsession with Paris and France in general.  Now, as I’ve grown older, that interest has expanded to greater Europe.  So, I decided I wanted to take myself to Europe when I graduate from college.

Eilean Donan Castle ~ Scotland

Eilean Donan Castle ~ Scotland

Naturally, I turned to the internet looking for information on HOW to plan this trip.  I’ve found the typical information about timelines, packing, budget, et cetera.  What I haven’t found is how to travel around Europe on a shoestring budget (which is basically what us college kids have to spend).  I don’t want to be forced to stay in cities where the hostels are simply to save money.  I want to still be able to get off the beaten path and find the really cool areas only the locals know about.

Then, I realized if I wanted to take a trip like this, I’m probably not the only one.  I truly hope this blog will help other college kids like me plan their trips, whether to Europe, Australia, or wherever else they may want to go.  This blog will cover anything and everything about planning a trip to Europe, from planning to packing to budgeting and anything else that is unearthed along the way.  If you’ve ever planned a trip to Europe and have tips to share or if you have topics you want covered, leave them in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Alex Berger via PhotoPin (License)

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